About Optima


Established in 1991, and located in Jakarta, Optima Corporation has developed into a large enterprise with 100 staffs and supported by more than 3000 work forces spreading from offices to factory floors. At present, we deliver over 4 million pieces of garments per year to more than 30 countries worldwide.


In 2013, Optima Corporation has opened its operation in Yangon, Myanmar. With our Myanmar operation, we can offer to our customers shipment of garments from Myanmar into Europe, USA, and other countries. At this moment, there will be no import duty for garments shipped from Myanmar into European Countries.


Although the company has experienced rapid growth over the decade, it has always maintains its impeccable personal touch and quality. We at Optima Corporation are indeed very proud of our achievement, but that does not limit us from working even harder to scale even greater heights and succeed in the future.


We believe as a company that we have a responsibility to all of our customers, suppliers, employees and the society. Thus, our management board has the principle of developing the company as productive and efficient as possible. Every single second counts.



We exists to provide the garment industry with the best product, price, services and quality.




Our vision is to be the leading garment manufacturer and exporter in South East Asia.